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Inspired by the forests of Canada, each leaf is handmade from lightweight paperclay and is part of this motivational collection reminding the wearer to Turn Over a New Leaf and stick to their resolutions to achieve their goals.

Many leaf designs are one-of-a-kind, so if you fall in love with one and just have to have it, make sure to order it quickly! 

Our limited edition metallic copper tone leaves are available every autumn/winter and make the perfect New Year's gift.

If there aren't any leaves for sale, it just means we're all sold out.  But don't worry, our signature motivational leaf jewellery will be back soon.

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How do I care for Leaf Jewellery?

  • Quiddity Gifts motivational Leaf jewellery is handmade from airdry paperclay, which has been varnished and waxed to water-proof each piece.  However, leaves should not be immersed in water.  Click here to read more tips on how to take care of handmade jewellery.

Can I tweak the design?

  • All leaves can be hand-painted in any colour you'd like, from silver-toned wintery leaves to rich reddish golden tones of autumn folliage.  Please note that there are not custom orders available from August 31 to December 4, 2017.

This is perfect for my rustic woodland wedding, do you offer bridal packages?

  • The leaf collection is part of the bridal range and works very well as wedding jewellery or favours.  We would be happy to work with you to design a piece to complement your style.  Please get in touch to discuss your vision.

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