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Essential oil diffuser jewellery allows the wearer to benefit from the aroma of their chosen oil (or perfume), while also making a fabulous fashion statement.

Choose from stainless steel aromatherapy pendants, or natural lava rock designs featuring the additional healing benefit of semi-precious gemstones.

All aromatherapy jewellery comes beautifully packaged with instructions and jewellery care tips.

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Do you sell essential oils?

Unfortunately, we don't sell essential oils due to postage restrictions.  There are many oils and combinations available for sale and we recommend purchasing high-quality oils which tend to last much longer and have a better effect.

Can you make me a custom jewellery piece?

All of the natural lava rock jewellery is handmade by Quiddity Gifts and we would be happy to work with you to design a custom piece with your chosen gemstones.

Why do you use lava rocks in aromatherapy jewellery?

Lava is a very porous rock which works perfectly as a natural diffuser for essential oils.  It is also acknowledged as a grounding stone for the root chakra and said to amplify the healing properties of other gemstones and crystals.

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