Pisces Zodiac Sign

Those born between February 19th and March 20th fall under the Pisces astrological zodiac sign.  

If you're lucky enough to have a Pisces as a friend you'll know all about their kind, compassionate side.  Their easy-going nature and positive outlook on life make them fun to be around.

Pisces are generally very creative and tend to embrace their artistic side, whether it's being on stage or in front of an easel.  They are known as "The Poet" of the zodiac, being able to craft words into poetry.

The Pisces zodiac sign is a definite dreamer, with a strong connection to the mystical world.

Pisces is Latin for 'The Fishes' (khtyes in Greek)

This zodiac sign is ruled by the element water and is unsurprisingly drawn to it.  The perfect holiday for this water loving sign would be spending time at the beach or by a lake.  Long cruises where Pisces can relax and daydream while staring out at the ocean appeal to this water sign.

Handmade jewellery featuring the symbol of the fish would make a lovely gift for Pisces and the tropical shades of blue make it the perfect accessory for beach holidays.

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  • Symbol: Two Fish
    • Pisces are said to represent duality in their yin/yang personalities, which is why there are two fish in the symbol, not just one.
    • The fish represents this sign's easy-going 'go with the flow' attitude.  They can be very easy to get along with, but may frustrate those who want clear direction and decisions to be made.
    • There are many myths about this sign and how it came to feature as a constellation, but they all have one thing in common: they centre around Aphrodite/Venus and her son Eros/Cupid.
  • Element: Water
    • Quiddity Gifts has blue shades of crystal, pearl, and glass beads, perfect for representing this element.
  • Starstone: Aquamarine
    • Also recognised as the birthstone for March, Aquamarine gives Pisces strength and comfort.
    • Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is also linked to Pisces as it is their 'lucky' gemstone. 
  • Metal: Platinum
    • Platinum is one of the most expensive metals for use in jewellery design and can add a luxury to piece.
  • Planets: Jupiter & Neptune
    • Jupiter was the king of the gods and Neptune was the ruler of the seas.
  • Feel good colours are: aquamarine and lavender
    • Green is considered a colour of hope and safety and the aquamarine shade is specifically said to help release feelings of guilt, leading to a more calm present and more positive future.
    • Purple is the colour of creativity, magic, and mystery, making it the perfect colour for this mystical sign.  Light shades, such as lavender, have a romantic, nostalgic air about them and encourage positivity in relationships. 
  • Zodiac flowers: Violet and Water Lily 
    • Since purple is one of the colours connected to Pisces, it is no surprise that Violets are also associated with this zodiac sign.  
    • Water Lilies, linked to the lotus, are symbolic in many religions and cultures, representing a deep connection to the self as well as the cycle of life.
    • Lotus jewellery would make a lovely gift for Pisces. 
  • Zodiac fruit: Watermelon
    • The high water content of watermelons appeals to the Pisces water sign.
  • Enjoy yourself on: Thursday & Friday.
    • Everyone tends to enjoy getting ready for the weekend, but while some signs may start lagging behind after a long week, Pisces are at their best. 
  • Get on well with: Taurus and Scorpio.
    • Characteristics in their personalities draw these signs together and lasting friendships are formed.
  • Marry: Cancer
    • These two water signs have loads in common and will form a lasting relationship quickly and easily.  
  • Lucky numbers are: 2, 6, 7, 30, 43
  • Famous Pisces: Elizabeth Taylor, Chopin, Liza Minnelli, Jon Bon Jovi, Michelangelo, George Washington

Did you know each zodiac sign has essential oils recommended to balance their particular characteristics?

Pisces tend to procrastinate and spend much of their time daydreaming, so oils such as Rosemary, Peppermint, Bergamot, Black pepper, and Basil can be used to ground their dreamy nature and help them focus.

Pisces is the most mystical sign of the zodiac, in touch with their sensitive side.  To boost their gift of intuition, essential oils such as: Lavender, Sandalwood, Rose, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang can work wonders.

Pisces are ruled by their feet.  Massage oils or creams with essential oils can be rubbed in the soles of the feet to help refresh and revive this zodiac sign.  Try oils such as: Tea tree, Peppermint, or Lavender.

Lava rock is naturally porous and can diffuse essential oils or perfumes.  This keychain can also be used as a bag charm, great for attaching to a yoga bag to keep it smelling fresh.

This embossed bangle is a stylish way of enjoying the benefits of essential oils all day long.  Just add a couple drops of oil to the lava rock and the aroma will last for several hours or days.

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This aromatherapy locket comes with five different colours of cotton pads to match any outfit and easy instructions  on how to diffuse oils.  It can even be gift wrapped!

Looking for a gift that's a little different?

Surprise a stylish Pisces with a custom handmade necklace featuring their zodiac sign spelt out in Morse Code!

Each necklace is handmade to order, so you can choose the hidden word, the accent beads, the length of chain...you can even let me know if it's for a leftie and I'll make it with the clasp on the 'wrong' side so it's easier for them to put on.  There's even the option to have it gift wrapped with a message included and sent directly to them.  That makes giving the perfect gift easy peasy!

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