Necklace length

If you're shopping for a necklace online, it can be hard to decide which length to choose...especially if it's a gift.

Children's necklaces are usually 14 - 16" 

Adult chokers are usually 14 - 16"

Collarbone jewellery is 16 - 18"

Please keep in mind that necklaces will hang at different lengths depending on the woman's stature and bulkiness of clothing.

The best-selling range of Morse Code necklaces are designed to sit on the collar bone, measuring 16"+2" extender, with the option of 18"+2".

Natural lava aromatherapy necklaces work best with the warmth of your skin and measure 16".

Glasses holder necklaces measure approx 27".

If you would like a different length of any necklace, or would like to purchase an extra chain/ribbon/cord, simply select the option to 'add to basket' or if the option is not available, contact us.