Morse Code

Morse Code was developed in the 1930s by American inventor Samuel Finley Breese Morse. The first message on May 24, 1844 from Washington, DC to Baltimore read: "What hath God wrought?"

Interesting fact: Samuel Morse was not only an inventor, but also a famous artist!

Morse Code Jewellery

The QuiddityGifts bestselling line of Morse Code jewellery was inspired by the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Canada. The outside of this striking building is covered in Morse Code. It reminded me of passing secret messages on notes in school and I love the idea of wearing messages hidden in jewellery. It brings out the kid in me, I guess!

Start planning your custom necklace with the help of the International Morse Code Alphabet sheet that comes free with all orders.

Necklaces look best with up to 10 letters, but it depends on the length of the 'dots' and 'dashes' and how long you would like the overall necklace, so please contact us with your ideas and we'll give you a free no-obligation quote (prices start at only £13).

Alternate Morse Code is available for accents and cyrillic script, so please get in touch.

Exciting new packaging means each order comes gift wrapped as standard.

There's also the added excitement of decoding the secret message hidden in the necklace with the help of a beautifully printed Morse Code alphabet sheet.

Each order contains a microfibre cleaning cloth and jewellery care tips.

Morse Code necklaces are handmade to order with your secret message encoded in high-quality 'dots'  and 'dashes'  representing letters or numbers.  It is the perfect way to give a truly personalised gift!

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