May Birthstone

Lucky ladies born in May have Emeralds as their birthstone!

May's birthstone poem focuses on the Emerald.

The concept of birthstones has long existed in Eastern and Western cultures, attributing various characteristics to gemstones and matching them to individuals born at certain times.

This poem is one of a set of twelve, which represent the months of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Each poem features the birthstone recommended for that month and describes the characteristics of the gem. They are collectively known as the Gregorian Birthstone Poems.

Nobody knows who penned them, but they were first published in a leaflet as part of an advertising campaign by Tiffany and Co. in 1870.  They encouraged people to buy gemstones for birthday and anniversary gifts.

'The Stone of Successful Love'

Emeralds were associated with the Roman goddess Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, said to promote fidelity and inspire passion.

It used to be a popular choice for engagement rings or symbols of love and affection as it is said to help open one's heart to the possibility of love and nurture romance.  Said to increase expression and aid communication, it's used as a means of mediating discussions and promoting domestic bliss.

Emerald jewellery makes a lovely gift, not only as engagement rings, but for anniversary jewellery as well. The list of modern anniversary gifts includes Emeralds as gift ideas for the 20th and 55th anniversaries.

Healing Properties of Emeralds

Ancient Egyptians believed the Emerald signified fertility and rebirth.  Women wore Emerald necklaces to aid conception and keep their child safe from complications during childbirth, and mummies were buried with an Emerald around their neck to enable them to be reborn in the afterlife. They were a favourite of Cleopatra, who believed Emeralds were a gift from Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian god of Wisdom.

Interestingly, cultures from around the world have similar records of Emeralds being used to heal the eyes, from rinsing the eyes in Emerald water to simply gazing at the stone.

We do not recommend Emeralds as a substitute for Western medicine, the powdered form of lower-grade Emeralds is still used in Chinese folk medicine.

Some of the highest quality Emeralds are mined in Colombia and Brazil and have been since the times of the Incas and Aztecs. Emeralds are prized around the world and have earned their place as one of the precious four gemstones, which also include Sapphires, Rubies, and Diamonds.

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