March Birthstone

March birthstone: Aquamarine gemstone

Ladies born in the month of March have are lucky enough to have two birthstones to call their own.  The concept of birthstones dates from ancient times; the original birthstone for March was the bloodstone, but nowadays it is more common for Aquamarine to hold this title.  

Aquamarine is Latin for sea water; this gemstone can be found in shades ranging from a bright blue/green to a clear glass-like stone.  The more intense blues are more sought after, which leads to stones being heat treated to remove unwanted shades of green and deepen the shade of blue.  Be careful when shopping for Aquamarine as Siam Aquamarine usually refers to heat-treated zircon and Brazilian Aquamarine might simply be blue Topaz; both alternatives are beautiful stones in their own right, but of a cheaper value.

Aquamarine: The stone of courage

There are many myths surrounding Aquamarine.  My favourite is that it was the mermaids' most prized possession, but a fierce storm broke open their treasure chest and the waves carried the gemstone across the seas to the god Neptune.

Perhaps this is the reason it's been nicknamed The Sailors' Lucky Stone, believed to ensure safe passage across the seas.  Even today some still swear by its ability to prevent seasickness.

Aquamarine is more commonly called The Stone of Courage.  When it comes to emotional issues, this gemstone has been known to provide the wearer with courage to deal with distress, especially related to grief and loss.  It encourages honest communication and brings a sense of calm.

Aquamarine is actually a form of Beryl.  Sound familiar?  Beryl is a mineral that is found in various shades; the green variety is known as....Emerald!  Emeralds are classed as one of the "precious four" gemstones.  Click to read more about Emerald: the birthstone for May.

While Aquamarine is nowhere near as pricey as Emerald, there are very different qualities of this gemstone.  Clear stones with few inclusions are cut into sparkling gems making high-end jewellery pieces, while milky, cloudy pieces are used for making beads and more affordable versions of larger statement pieces, as well as being used by crystal healers. 

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