July Birthstone

Lucky ladies born in July have Rubies as their birthstone. 

July's birthstone poem focuses on the Ruby.

There are twelve poems which make up the collection of Gregorian Birthstone Poems.  Each one features the birthstone recommended for that month and describes the characteristics of the gem. 

July features the Ruby, which is known as the stone of love, energy and passion.  It's also a high-energy stone, linked to the heart chakra.

The name of the poet was never known, but it is thought the poems may have been commissioned by Tiffany and Co. who used them in an advertising campaign in 1870.

'The Stone of Leadership'

The name 'ruby' originates from the Latin 'ruber', meaning 'red' and even today Rubies are considered excellent quality when they are a vivid vibrant red, rather than orange or purple.

Burmese (Myanmar) Rubies are considered excellent quality and the Ancient Burmese prized the Ruby as the stone of soldiers, thinking it would encourage invincibility.  The Ancient Egyptians also honoured their Goddess of War (Sekhmet) with Rubies.

Rubies have long been associated with nobility and power.  They were thought to increase the wealth and position of those who owned them, empowering them with self-confidence, fearlessness, and motivation.

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