Gemini Zodiac Sign

Those born between May 22nd and June 21st share the Gemini astrological star sign and are known to be intellectual and curious, enjoying situations that stimulate and challenge them.

Due to having the twins as the symbol of their constellation, Geminis are also known to be passionate and creative, often called 'The Artist' of the horoscope.

If you're lucky enough to be friends with a Gemini, you'll know how social they can be.  With their charming manner and naturally inspiring personality, these social butterflies are often the life of the party.


  • Symbol: The Twins
    • The constellation Gemini is named after the Greek brothers Castor and Pollux who remained best of friends despite their polar opposite personalities.  
  • Element: Air
    • Quiddity Gifts uses sparkling blue/grey crystals and pale grey glass beads to represent this element.  A rainbow of shades is available for custom orders.
  • Starstone: Tiger's Eye
    • Unlike birthstones which are connected to the 12 months, starstones are connected to the zodiac signs.
    • Their birthstone for May is Emerald and for June there is the choice of Pearl, Moonstone, or Alexandrite.
  • Metal: Quicksilver
    • Quicksilver is also known as Mercury.
  • Feel good colours are: Green & Yellow
    • Green is the colour of growth, and symbolises a fresh start, healing, and also fertility.
    • Yellow is a happy, positive colour and has a stimulating effect, which is great for concentration or study.
  • Enjoy yourself on: Wednesday
    • When others may be feeling the effects of 'hump day', you'll have your chance to shine, with Wednesday being a happy and productive day for Geminis.
  • Zodiac flower: Lavender &  Lily of the Valley
    • Specific flowers have been found to be more appealing to each zodiac sign.
  • Zodiac bird: Parrot, Eagle, Finch
    • Based on ancient myth and legend, each zodiac sign has birds which can carry your wishes.
  • Get on well with: Aquarius and Libra
    • Air signs have similar likes and dislikes, making Aquarius and Libra best of friends with a Gemini.
  • Marry: Sagittarius
    • Their characteristics will complement those of Gemini and result in a solid relationship.
  • Lucky numbers are: 5, 7 , 14, 23

Essential oils for Gemini zodiac sign

Essential Oils for Gemini Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign has essential oils which are recommended to balance chakras and relieve illnesses likely to affect people born under the zodiac sign.  While this was long since thought to be superstition, there are modern studies looking into the coincidence of certain star signs being affected by the same disease, and more and more people are turning to natural medicines and essential oils as a remedies.

Basil is the number one essential oil for Geminis as it sharpens mental faculties, restores emotional balance, relieves anxiety and is also known to regulate blood pressure.  It is best inhaled by using an oil diffuser, but fresh basil can also be added to meals. 

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