Clay Jewellery

There's actually no such thing as jewellery clay. Some designers like kiln-fired clays such as terracotta or porcelain, while others prefer the polymer (PVC) clays that can be cured in an ordinary oven. There are pros & cons to all; for example, terracotta works well in aromatherapy jewellery as it is porous and can 'breathe', while polymer clays can be almost waterproof when cured correctly.

Jewellery that is handmade with care should also be worn with care, so take a peek at our care tips.

All paperclay components receive multiple layers of wax varnish to weather-proof them; but, they are not completely waterproof. It is best not to wear jewellery while swimming, showering, or during activities which cause excessive perspiration.

I stumbled across paperclay quite by accident and haven’t looked back! Honestly, why would I?

It’s eco-friendly due to the recycled cellulose it contains (that's "recycled paper" to you and me!) and it’s biodegradable, so no more plastic junk being added to ever-growing landfills. There are no added chemicals, making it non-toxic.

It’s self-hardening or ‘air-dry’, meaning I’m not trying to squeeze a kiln into my already overcrowded workspace.

And on top of all that, the finished items are lightweight. That’s right – your stunning statement earrings won’t have your ears screaming in pain halfway through brunch with the girls or a nerve-wracking first date.

The care and craftsmanship that has gone into the design and creation of a piece of QuiddityGifts jewellery makes the perfect present. This is especially true for the first anniversary, which is usually represented by paper….boring! But surprising your special someone with a piece of handmade paperclay jewellery is a surefire way to be in her good-books for years to come!

Stylish friends who want to stand out will definitely prefer one-of-a-kind pieces that aren't in every high-street window. The uniqueness of paperclay jewellery is sure to be a talking-point, sparking compliments from everyone!

With the growing focus on the need to protect the environment, giving a gift of recycled paper highlights the fact that beautiful does not have to be costly…to the planet or your wallet. 

Many paperclay pieces of jewellery are completely unique one-of-a-kind items which can only be found at a craft fair, so check the events page to see where we'll be next, or contact us to discuss a custom order. 

Making paperclay jewellery does not require specialist equipment, but it definitely needs skill and patience!

First the clay is formed into shapes, which is left to air dry.  When it has achieved a leather-like texture, intricate designs and patterns can be carved into the surface using sharp knives.  Only when it is fully dry can it be sanded to a smooth finish.  Finally, each piece is hand-painted and sealed with multiple coats of varnish.