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  1. Happy Pineapple Day zodiac fruit for CancerToday is Pineapple Day and if you've been following my posts about the Cancer zodiac sign, you're probably wondering what th connection is...

    Each zodiac is linked to specific foods designed to give them the vitamins and minerals to improve common ailments associated with that sign.

    Pineapples are the zodiac fruit for Cancerians.  So, if you're looking for a quirky pineapple-themed gift idea for a Cancer, check out my gift guide of a fantastic range of handmade items by talents artisans, crafters, and creative entrepreneurs.

  2. moonstone earrings info

    This week's featured item is this stunning pair of Moonstone dangle earrings.

    Designed to represent Cancer's zodiac starstone, these silver earrings would make a lovely birthday gift.

    Moonstone is also June's birthstone and linked to Libra & Scorpio.  

    And if you're looking to celebrate the third wedding anniversary, Moonstone is on the gemstone list

    Shop the new earrings

    Contact us if you would like to order a custom pair of earrings with your starsign

    Learn more about the Cancer zodiac sign

  3. Happy Birthday Cancer zodiac horoscope sign June July

    Cancer is a special zodiac sign for me as my birthday is on the 6th of July, so get ready for a whole month of fun facts about this fabulous star sign...don't forget to follow Quiddity Gifts on Instagram of Facebook for your daily dose of zodiac info.

    Curious about what's in store?

    I'll be sharing the recommended essential oils for Cancer signs and how to use them, the best colours to decorate a room for a Cancer to relax in, zodiac flowers to put together the perfect gift bouquet, and even zodiac fruit (yes...apparently that's a thing!)

    I'll also share a gift guide for even the most difficult to shop of Cancerian in your life!

    Can't wait?

    Click here for a sneak peek!

  4. doggy paw print planner charm

    We're so excited about our partnership with Dachshund Rescue UK that we've already released another new item!

    As any dog owner knows, dogs leave paw prints on your heart, and The Dachshund Collection now includes a pretty paw print in glittery purple.

    This doggy paw print charm can be used as a zipper pull, bag charm, stitch marker, or it makes a cute planner charm.  You could also just clip it to your favourite Quiddity Gifts charm bracelet.  How would you use yours?

    Shop the new charm

    Learn more about the partnership with Dachshund Rescue UK 



    Dachshund Rescue UK charity donations by Quiddity Gifts jewellery

    It's Charity Tuesday today and we're so excited to announce a new line of jewellery and gifts designed with dog owners and dog lovers in mind.

    With a selection of handmade items ranging from bracelets to bookmarks, there's bound to be something to catch your eye. 

    Whether you're shopping for a gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself, you'll be pleased to know that 15% of the purchase of every doggy item will be donated to the registered charity Dachshund Rescue UK.

    Why have we chosen to support this charity?

    Dachshund Rescue UK is "an independent rescue and welfare charity for all dachshunds" which has been going for over 40 years.  They have been a registered charity since 2014 and rely solely on donations.

    While we would love to adopt all little daxies who need a home, we've decided to support them with what we know best...handmade jewellery and gifts!

    Click here for more information about this charity.

    Click here to shop the dachshund collection.