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fiverfridar special offer deal on dolphin necklace

Dolphins are considered good luck and are a symbol of protection.

One myth explaining this symbolism involves the Greek god Dionysus and a boatload of pirates (who doesn't love a great pirate story?!)

Dionysus was disguised as a handsome mortal and unknowingly boarded a ship manned by pirates who planned to sell him as a slave.  When he realised the ship had changed course, he became angry and the plan was revealed.  Angered, he created monsters to scare the pirates and transformed himself into a lion.  The terrified pirates jumped overboard in an attempt to flee, but when they touched the water, Dionysus turned them into dolphins.  Filled with remorse, they swore to dedicate their lives to helping humans.
This dolphin necklace makes a great gift for good luck and protection.
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