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  1. Featured Item of the Week - 24 July

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    metal shepherds hook bookmark bee charm handmade by QuiddityGifts

    I've been such a busy bee lately that I hadn't realised how much I'd missed relaxing with a good book.  This past weekend I devoured The Separation by Dinah Jefferies, and if you haven't read it, I thoroughly recommend it!

    Of course, I couldn't find a bookmark that's where this adorable little bee came in.  He's the perfect reminder that we should all stop and take time to smell the roses....or read a good book every now and then.

    Click here to shop this bee bookmark.

    And there's more good news for bee lovers, the best-selling honeycomb bee pendant is finally back in stock!

  2. Featured Item of the Week - 17 July

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    featured item of the week - manic monday - quirky jewellery - tie earrings

    They say, when you love your job, you love Mondays...but that doesn't save you from the manic panic that inevitably ensues when the alarm clock rings on Monday morning.

    These quirky earrings are for everyone: from the entrepreneurs jumping out of bed and starting work in their PJs to the high-flying executives with early morning meetings...not forgetting all the office slaves tied to their desks from 9-5 each day!

    So whether you're accessorizing your loungewear or your business suit, these fun business tie earrings are sure to put you in the mood to work on any day of the week.

    They make great gifts for work colleagues too!

    Click here to shop these earrings

  3. Fiver Friday - Dolphin Necklace

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    fiverfridar special offer deal on dolphin necklace

    Dolphins are considered good luck and are a symbol of protection.

    One myth explaining this symbolism involves the Greek god Dionysus and a boatload of pirates (who doesn't love a great pirate story?!)

    Dionysus was disguised as a handsome mortal and unknowingly boarded a ship manned by pirates who planned to sell him as a slave.  When he realised the ship had changed course, he became angry and the plan was revealed.  Angered, he created monsters to scare the pirates and transformed himself into a lion.  The terrified pirates jumped overboard in an attempt to flee, but when they touched the water, Dionysus turned them into dolphins.  Filled with remorse, they swore to dedicate their lives to helping humans.
    This dolphin necklace makes a great gift for good luck and protection.
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  4. Featured Item of the Week - 10 July

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    Quirky Ice-Cream Earrings featured item

    These quirky ice-cream cone earrings are the perfect way to celebrate the lovely sunny summer weather that's finally arrived.

    The imitation pearl beads in strawberry pink, vanilla white, and chocolate brown look just like neapolitan ice-cream...which is the best flavour, isn't it?

    These dangle earrings are a fun fashion accessory for summer outfits and a great way to jazz up festival dresses.

    Click here to shop handmade icecream earrings. 

  5. Featured Item of the Week - 26 June

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    moonstone earrings info

    This week's featured item is this stunning pair of Moonstone dangle earrings.

    Designed to represent Cancer's zodiac starstone, these silver earrings would make a lovely birthday gift.

    Moonstone is also June's birthstone and linked to Libra & Scorpio.  

    And if you're looking to celebrate the third wedding anniversary, Moonstone is on the gemstone list

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