Quiddity Gifts is a UK brand by the British designer Anisa.
Motivational & Memorable jewellery for all of life's gift-giving occasions.

Anisa's love of collecting jewellery as the perfect souvenir of her adventures around the world soon grew into the desire to create her own pieces.

I've been fortunate enough to have grown up in different countries and travelled around the world; jewellery from all the places I've visited was the perfect souvenir to remind me of my adventures.  But, my passion for collecting soon grew into the desire to make my own, and so began my love affair with jewellery design.

Her individual style and self-taught techniques create a range of collections from steampunk style based on her railway hometown to eco-friendly paperclay leaves inspired by Canadian forests.

My design style isn't only influenced by England, but also by my travels: the bright colours of South American dress; the incorporation of stones and leather in Native Canadian crafts; the swirls of metalwork in ancient cultures of the Egyptians and Aztecs; the architecture in Europe...I could go on and on!

By using a variety of materials from locally-sourced copper to upcycled plastic, her aim is to create jewellery that is affordable, stylish, and fun to wear.

I believe that jewellery says a lot about the wearer.  It can highlight your personality or mood, coordinate wth that new gorgeous outfit you just had to by, give you the confidence needed in an interview...or on a first date!  Jewellery is powerful yet versatile, which is why I work with different materials and techniques, ensuring you won't end up at a party wearing the same necklace as your best friend...unless she has great taste and shops at Quiddity Gifts too!

Anisa understands the significance of gifting a piece of jewellery and offers a wide range of collections from sweet & simple to stunning statement pieces.

I honestly believe jewellery makes the perfect gift and the handmade touch makes it even more special.  I have clear memories connected to all my favourite pieces of jewellery and hope to design pieces for all of life's gift-giving occasions because, let's face's always a great time to give the gift of jewellery to someone special!

The name Quiddity Gifts represents the ethos of this home-based business.

'Quiddity' means the true essence of a thing, the 'je ne sais quoi' that makes it unique.  Here at Quiddity Gifts, one-of-a-kind pieces, unique designs, custom orders, and personalised tweaks are the norm!