Welcome to Quiddity Gifts

Quiddity Gifts is a UK brand by the British designer Anisa.

Motivational & Memorable Jewellery for all of life's gift-giving occasions.

Quiddity Gifts has just had a sparkling makeover with a brand new website!

Don't worry...all your favourites are still here, including the sign-up to the monthly newsletter packed full of gift ideas and fab freebies.  

There are exciting new additions too -  a weekly blog for you to get your fill of fun facts: everything from the benefits of essential oils to the healing power of crystals and a spotlight on monthly birthstones to zodiac characteristics.  Each month we'll highlight upcoming holidays to make sure you've got the perfect gift for the ones you love.

We're still tweaking things and we'd love your feedback.  If there's something you'd like to see on the new Quiddity Gifts website, let us know.

Quiddity Gifts offers a wide selection of handmade and carefully selected jewellery, from personalised Morse Code necklaces to aromatherapy oil diffusers.  Customers from England to Alaska rave about the quality products, beautiful packaging, and friendly customer service with 100% 5-star reviews!

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